It's been a long time since last post, XD.
But I found I have no words to share still.
So very roughly about recent days.

First of all,
I graduated from graduate school, finally.
Now I got a normal job, and is at my probationary period so far.

These two months, of course, a lots shopping,
including lots of beautiful nail polish.

but i didn't have times or feelings to share those on blog now,
I guess I still need some time, 
maybe at least until my probationary period is finished,
when everything in my life is stable.

Also, I did a crazy thing that I hadn't imagine before.
Or I thought I would never get crazy in that way.

but it was a great experience,
I would do that again, 
I had enough cash,XD.

AND, actually I am planning to put some works' notes on blog for myself,
not mainly for share, but still any opinions would be welcome.

probably about javascript, css, html and C language.
but i not a hard-working girl,
so don't put any expectation on it :D

I had visited several famous ramen stores in Taipei,
some are really delicious,
all in my future sharing list. XD.

so far so ?

good luck to you,
and so do I.

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